Hey there!
I need your help to save the world, again.
The world is called Ignis Universia and it’s that nice little green planet in the picture. I’ve saved it once already and I’ll tell you all about it, but…
This time, I can’t do it without you.
So read more if you can help me!

I really, really, need your help!

You’ve maybe heard of me, the Null Brother, in Ignis Universia: The Eternal Sisters Saga DX already. If you haven’t, you should probably go play it now, it’s free, quite short, and it will save both of us a lot of time!
Ignis Universia’s four main heroines showed great promise immediately after release — and I’m not saying that just because they’re my friends — plus the free game got great reviews as well. There is demand for a sequel.
The infallible elder gods known to us as the “Devs” want to continue the story of these great characters. They also want to see how far they could go with a light-hearted JRPG, and as gods often do, they just went and suddenly made the world wholly 3D. I swear Silvanna is still feeling a bit disoriented. In the process they (I’m sure completely accidentally!) made me go “poof!”
So to get back in the game, literally, I need your help. You are my only hope. If for no other reason, then just to spite Galgatax.

So, umm, what is Ignis Universia: Awakening of the Erudite Empress? Except another JRPG-parodying long name my scribe can’t help but mistype.

  • Funny story with familiar elements from roleplaying games of your childhood or early adulthood or ok boomer
  • Quirky (don’t tell them I said that) central characters, The Chosen Sisters
  • Unique Grind-o-Meter mechanic (meaningful grinding in games at last)
  • Old-school tactical 100% turn-based battles
  • Absolutely lovely and cute visuals

Experience a light-hearted nostalgic parody (J)RPG with four extraordinarily quirky women.

We are not giving up! And it’s good that we didn’t because the second Kickstarter campaign has reached it’s goal! Thank you for all the amazing backers and everyone who supported us!

If you missed this campaign but you want to be part of Ignis Universia’s story, follow us and wishlist on Steam!

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